Reasons to support DNS-O-Matic

Hardware support

OpenDNS will work with developers and manufacturers to make DNS-O-Matic API support an easy choice for hardware manufacturers. Support one API on a router, for example, and your customers can use any service supported by the DNS-O-Matic service – which will be just about every service possible!

OpenDNS support

OpenDNS will move its dynamic IP update services to DNS-O-Matic. OpenDNS will puts its global infrastructure to work in supporting and scaling DNS-O-Matic, for free. OpenDNS wants to make dynamic IP address services easier to deliver.

Note: OpenDNS will maintain support for its current dynamic IP update methods for a transition period.

Simplified development costs

Support in your software, and any new service which requires dynamic IP updating will be supported with no additional work on your part.

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